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Obedience Training

Title: Obedience Training
Author: Mabes
Characters: Sylar, Mohinder, dead!Zane
Warnings: Non-con, violence things, blood...typical Mylar
Summary: What if Sylar HADN'T lied when he first met Mohinder? This is my take on that.

Word Count:
About 2,000
A/N: So I found this half-finished on my computer and I quickly wrote the pronz for it, that's why it's haphazard. Apologies. Also I'm FREAKING out because I leave for Comic Con tomorrow night, and I want to try and post some stuff before I go. Hopefully I can find some more unfinished things because my mind is too much on the fritz right now to write a full story. Oh for this one I totally stole one tiny line from Dracula 2000. Oopsie.

Here @ mabes_fic!
Tags: death, fic, non-con, rating: nc-17

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