June 23rd, 2013

Fallen Heroes

You are enjoying this, aren´t you?“ Sylar asked Mohinder´s back.

He didn´t get a response. He didn´t expect one.

“Of course you do.“ he went on talking. “I know that look of satisfaction in your eyes when you torture me. I of all people in the world should know how a man looks when he enjoys the pain of his victim ... "

Summary: Three months have passed since Sylar tried to steal the life of a man named Shawn Spencer. Three months of captivity. Three months of weird dreams that put him in the head of the man he´d tried to kill. And somehow he can feel that he´s about to find out what all this means ... very soon.

Sequel to "Identity - I am Shawn Spencer" You don´t necessarily need to read that one first, but it helps to understand the references.

Disclaimer: None of this is mine.

Title: Fallen Heroes
Characters: Sylar, Shawn Spencer, Juliet O´Hara, Mohinder Suresh, others
Rating: R
Gengre: Crossover (Heroes/Psych)

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