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The two devils and their prey chapter 8 : Now who is it?

The morning soon came in a matter of time. Even though the early birds were chirping energetically outside the palace.

But beside the beasts living outside the palace, all the residents of the palace were very tired. It is because last night a very large banquet was held. Though the people that attended the banquet was no more than four.

But still the people of palace was really tired because they wers constantly providing source of amusements for the heavenly majestic persona.

Though the owners of the palace and their respective guest woke up later than the palace attendents.

It is due to the fact that attended had to prepare a flawless extravagant breakfast,lunch,dinner and lights snacks.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inside jing room ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jing woke up when the first ray of sunlight falled on him. As jing was a king of his respective kingdom. He was used to get up early to attend his numerous tasks.

Though today there was no need to wake up early . But it is true that , " that old habbits are die hard. "

So he woke up on time and attended his call of nature. After doing his daily rituals he went out to stroll in the royal gaurd.

~~~~~~~~ Meanwhile in wang room ~~~~~~~~~

Wang woke up early than his beloved su su and while staring at su yi faced. He planed the torturous future of su yi.

Wang strokes su yi hairs and said, " soon my beloved! soon! "

Soon a month was about to end. During which wang told jing about his demand.

Jing pretendred to be very angry and said to wang that, " ugh! You bastard i agree. But dont forget soon i will have my revenge. "

Wang ignored what jing said and nonchantly replied, " sure! We will see when the time comes. "

~~~~~~~ On the day of departure ~~~~~~~

Shou er suddenly became sick. As su yi treated him as he was his own son, he was worried greatly for shou er.

In his sleeplike state shou er constantly said in horror and pain, " mother empress! Mother empress! Please dont leave me! Please dont leave! "

Shou er raised his hand as if he was trying to grab something. But cannot reach it. Shou er wailed helplessly.

Seeing his state su yi went to wang and told him to cancel his decission to send shou er to jing kingdom as he was really sick.

Wang did not agree to cancel hid decission and said, " that brat is only faking so that i will not send him. He takes me for a fool and thought that i would change my decision. As if i would! "

Su yi was really angry with wang now . So in anger su yi shouted, " if you dont change your decision than i will go with shou er. Humph!! " su yi snorted and dashed out of the room.

Wang shouted, " jing will never agree! Jing will never agree! " as if he was trying to make himself calm not su yi.

Su yi muttered, " we will see! We will see! "


Su yi went to jing as planned and was allowed by jing to go with shou er. Su yi was happy and went to shou er to tell the good news.

Shou er was happy to hear the news. He took this chance to hug su yi and snuggled with him.

Su yi laughingly said, " shou er stop! Shou er stop! That tickles! "

But when wang heared the news he was devastated. And said, " no you cant go! I will not allow you! "

Su yi and shou er both said at the same time, " you cant do anything because jing has agreed. You have no say in this matter! "

After which they both giggled. Wang was furious and went to jing.

Jing faced wang's outburst with calmness and said, " the matter has settled and i have nothing more to say! "

Wang shouted, " xiou jing if not for the sake of our old friendship. I would have killed you. But nevertheless i will have my revenge! "

Jing knew that wang did not meant what he said. He was only angry because of his helplessness.jing marvelled at the misery of wang and said," now who is it? Huh! "

Wang was angered beyond imagination and that is why he did not say anything. But deep in his heart he sweared to get his revenge!

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