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Identity - I am Shawn Spencer

It all began when Sylar came to Santa Barbara – and killed the wife of a man, he should learn to bear a strange resemblance to someone he used to know, many years ago. But that shouldn´t keep him from finishing his mission. Because this was a one in a lifetime chance – to finally start over ...

This story is based on the youtube video: Identity [shawn spencer vs sylar] Great stuff. If you haven´t watched it yet I can only recommend it. This story is my try to bring its awesomeness to paper (or on screen for that matter) If I did an adequate job is up to you to decide.

And now enjoy the ride.

Disclaimer: Of course it´s not mine.

Title: Identity - I am Shawn Spencer
Characters: Sylar, Shawn Spencer, Juliet O´Hara, Rajesh Singh/Mohinder Suresh
Rating: R
Gengre: Crossover (Heroes/Psych)
Tags: genre: crossover, rating: r

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